Preventive & Family Dental Care

Preventive care doesn’t stop with checkups and cleanings twice a year. Our team offers a range of services to help patients prevent common problems and maintain good oral health. Those services include dental sealants and oral cancer screenings as well as periodontal therapy and custom-made night guards. Dr. Reeves will always assess your needs first before recommending any particular service. You can learn more about what we offer below.


Dr. Reeves uses periodontal therapy to help patients treat periodontal disease. As one of the most common oral health problems, periodontal disease can have a significant impact on a patient’s oral and overall health. Not only is it the number one cause of adult tooth loss, it has also been linked with health problems like heart disease, Alzheimer’s stroke and diabetes. In order to achieve optimal health, Dr. Reeves and his hygienist will come up with a treatment plan that best suits you.


All too often, oral cancer isn’t diagnosed until it’s already so advanced that making a full recovery is impossible. Through regular screening, Dr. Reeves aims to diagnose and treat oral cancer early. When oral cancer is diagnosed and treated at an early stage, the odds of making a full recovery are much higher.