All Porcelain Restorations

Porcelain crowns have the most natural look and are generally indistinguishable from natural teeth. Due to advancement in ceramics they are every bit as strong as metal or PFTM crowns. CAD/CAM techniques allow us to create crowns in hours. Porcelain crowns made in this way last the same amount of time as natural teeth.

Crown and Bridge

A Crown and bridge, also known as a fixed bridge, is a special restoration designed to help you replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges combine a prosthetic tooth with one or two abutment crowns (an abutment crown is a crown placed over an existing tooth to stabilize a bridge).

Why is replacing missing teeth important? Because having one or more gaps in your smile can cause significant problems. Over time, your teeth may drift out of alignment, making you more vulnerable to decay or gum disease. You may lose more teeth as time goes by. Filling the gap(s) in your smile with a bridge will help you preserve your health and your smile’s alignment.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a great alternative to a missing tooth. It is the most advanced therapy available to treat missing teeth. When you lose a tooth, the surrounding bone gradually fades away, which can compromise neighboring teeth and severely change the structure of your face. Implants promote overall health by providing you with the best option of being able to chew food. Implants stabilize your prosthesis and allow you to eat a balanced diet and minimize digestive problems. Finally, when only one tooth is missing, a bridge requires neighboring teeth to be ground down to serve as supporting posts. Removing protective layers of neighboring teeth makes them more prone to decay. Proper hygiene is challenging with a bridge, and as a result, many people experience additional tooth looks. A bridge can turn a one-tooth problem into a three-tooth problem! Implants only treat the tooth that is already lost, and therefore, are a one-tooth solution to a one-tooth problem.